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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

VEXTA's street art in Mays Lane Sydney

Over the easter long weekend break we had with rain almost every day, a trip to Newtown was just what i needed to refresh my cabin fever!!

MAY'S presents exhibition of street art by Melbourne based VEXTA

MAY'S is excited to present Melbourne artist VEXTA. VEXTA will introduce her magical winged figures to the lane. These half-human half-animal creatures explore the way we have confined ourselves in our concrete jungles and the effect this has on our psyches. VEXTA's obsession with cosmology, concepts of life, death and the future of mankind form the basis of her work.

VEXTA will be painting the massive 24 meter length of MAY'S Lane; the feature panel measuring 360x276cm plus 4 panels 235x160cm.

Artist Statement
'Sometimes we are so alienated from everything and everyone around us and yet sometimes I feel like the tiny atomic particles keeping our bodies together could fracture at any moment and it could all merge together…' - VEXTA

VEXTA'S work has been shown in exhibitions across Australia and internationally and she recently spent time creating site specific wall works in Paris, Berlin, London and Bogota.