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Thursday, October 8, 2015

Treasure map fun!

This was such a fun simple way to keep The kids on the hunt in the backyard, treasure to be found!! This could be set up indoors or any fun environment with landmarks they understand! 

Crayon creating our own gifts

This is something I did years ago and from memory as a little one using scraps at the ends of broken and half used crayons and loved the we could make something from items that would get thrown away.
1. Get scraps, or we had a couple a cheap boxes for spare craft and other activities
2. Chop up, smash. Break, use a pencil sharpener or even pop tiny bits in a zip lock bag and get your anger out with a wooden spoon 😜
3. I found some silicon moulds that were about $2 from Kmart and fill them up with crayon pieces
4. Oven was on about 100deg and the crayons melted after 10-15mins you can top moulds up with more crayon scraps if low.
5. Another 10mins in the oven and they are fully melted, cool down and wait atleast a couple of hours to set.
The next morning, the children were so happy to see them ready and excited to use the, straight away!! 
These will make some nice little useful gifts too! Win win !!!!

School holiday crafty days!!!

The school holidays are always a challenge to please each child and keep the peace and avoid the old boredom winge that kids will do but I do like to do craft with my children as it gives me an opportunity to be creative and not loose my marbles some days!!!