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Thursday, March 29, 2012

NEW turquoise rainbow lotus stacking toy

Here's a new one which will be added to my online stores this weekend! Love & peace Ema lou X.x

Flower girl and Mr Chatterbox!

Every day on the way to school Scarlette & i walk past a house that has so many flowers and Scar finds a handful of these all the time, they smell so sweet and she loves finding feathers too, and Sylus is chatting away soooooooooo much, it's so funny to see how excited he gets when he hears anything in the sky and points so proudly and it, he gets super excited!! We need to stop sometimes in our busy weeks to enjoy the outdoors! X.x

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Rainbow moon stars!

This week at pre school Scarlette made a moon with stars, and did 2 crayon drawings of rainbows for me and a rainbow ball for Daddy.

........... and Mr Sylus is being cheeky and has taken to biting me, eeekk, hope that doesn't last!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Lost Sammy!

We were waiting for the school bus and this little poster was made by the children in class 2, so sad Sammy got out and hope you find him soon, just thought this drawing was adorable and so creative, look at all those colours they have used!! beautiful rainbow children!! X.x

Just being happy kids.........

The bottom picture of Scar wearing a pretty flower necklace she made a pre school, looks like this is the easiest way to remember and add a few notes to her time at Lorien Novalis and so it's something i'd love the children to read when they are older so i don't forget all the adventures and stories of their life! Scarlette is finding lots of feathers on the ground, Sylus has discovered sticks and pointing to things in the sky and loves nutella as you can see, hahaaaa! X.x

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

It's raining, it's pouring!!

This was on indigo inspirations blog and loved it, what a lovely reminder on these really wet rainy days like this week, floods etc......... our thoughts of safety and sunshine go out to everyone who is having a hard time from this down pour!!!

Eco toys now selling Scarlette Rose Fairy wooden toys!

Eco toys now stock my rainbow stacking toy and the little gnome family, i've been a fan of their's for a few years now and love all the magickal toys they sell and support!! Alot of modern funky toys, craft, kids drink bottles and lunch boxes, shopping with peace of mind knowing where your items come from and what is used to make them!!

651 Burwood road, Hawthorn East, Victoria.
If your local, pop in and visit their shop or go online anytime to .........

Love, peace & rainbow hugs!!

Little mini garden

Scarlette made a cute little garden at pre-school this week, little leaves, nuts, berries in clay, she is very proud and said it's for Daddy for his Birthday................... Happy birthday sweet heart!! (kids enjoying choccie cake with Dad)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dreadband/headband instruction info.

Too tight?........ stretch it out over the back of a chair for a day or so and it will stretch out by wearing it aswell!

Too loose?......... hand wash gently, no machine washing, it's too rough, but then pop it in the dryer to tighten the cotton fibres!

Rest in peace Poppy Peterson, this photo is of the 4 Peterson men, pretty amazing to have 4 generations of the men, baby Sylus is last one to carry on the name.

Pop, you are dearly loved by all the family and was a real treat listing to your funny stories of your life, you've made us smile at the good times!!

Your with the angels now who are looking after you while you watch down on us!


Scarlette Rose turns 4!

Scarlette Rose turned 4 in January, i'm a little slow on adding the events and adventures but slowly catching up, She was super keen to get her barbie car that she had been asking for ........ why not, it made her so happy, dress up with a wedding veil like Ariel & Eric getting married...... and to start a new tradition because she loves flowers, Daddy bought her a lush bunch of deep red roses to wake up to, wonderful day topped off with Pizza & cake with the family!


Here are some new wooden toys, they will be added to both online stores this week.

Small stacking sunset, Small pastel rainbow, sunflower, bright pink lotus & orange sun.

Love, peace & rainbow hugs, Ema lou X.x.