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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My poppy.
On 21st April 2013 he turned 100!!
Yep, how awesome is that, this is a photo with all his great grand kids minus one which was born three days after this and he has take on poppy's middle name, so pretty damm proud of how well he is, still strong and loves his great grand kids, loves to take them out for lollies and a milkshakes.
Even got special birthday cards and wishes form the queen, local's and the prime minister
Love you Poppy!! X.x

Winter time ...........

Cozy indoor play at little Kindy for Scarlette making mushroom and snails and for playgroup making lanterns for the spiral walk with winter solstice sneaking up on us. X.x

Monday, June 17, 2013

Our little holiday back in April 2013

Our little holiday to Bathurst before it got too cold, back in April 2013
A short drive to Uncle Bob and Auntie Norma's property, bikes, yabbing catching, toasting marshmellows, bbq, watching the sun go down, star watching at night, so clear that the kids were so excited, stunning weather during the day but chilli at night!! Kids had a great time!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Exciting new prints coming soon......................

So this what i've been working on during the cold chilly months.
Lots of fun, bright and positive art prints filled with loads of colours and affirmations to cheer you up and feel wonderful. Sometimes it can just be a small thing you read or a piece of art you connect with to make you feel warm and fuzzy so these prints are designed for all ages to bring a smile to your days........... Enjoy, hope you will love them as much as i do!!! X.x

Family day out to Kameroi steiner school fair 2013

Fun day, happy kids, muddy feet equals smiling parents!!! X.x