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Monday, July 8, 2013

Meeting my baby Nephew Easton.

Our little family hanging out with my big sister's family, so all the kiddies had a blast together, we were super excited to finally meet Baby Easton, what a little cutie pie, i was able to sneak in loads of cuddles while all the cousins played together.
Sylus gave up his dummies for the baby so the awesome Auntie Nicky who does local fire fighter work gave us a personal tour and got to hang inside the big fire truck!!!
Fun fishing trip, just being together was a real treat as we can't always take a trip to the country....... but we love you all to the moon and back and miss you all so very much!!

New wooden toys

These new wooden toys are now listed in both online stores Ebay & Etsy!!!
Happy to have some bright new stuff in there, it's been so cold that there has been lots of creating inside.

Little mIss silly faces............

I made this collection of Scarlette's funny faces after realizing how many she does in so many photo's!!! 
Not sure what the future holds for this little funny girl but for now, she makes us giggle and wouldn't be surprised if she likes drama or acting??!! can't wait to see but this makes us laugh!!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Winter spiral walk

 We celebrated the winter spiral walk at playgroup with both the kids and Scarlette had her own version of the winter festival in her little kindy class, making lanterns, eating warm nourishing soup, and yummi apple crumble...................

For those who are new to the Winter Spiral, or Advent Spiral as it is sometimes called, it is a tradition for the younger grades in Waldorf Schools. Evergreen boughs are laid on the floor or ground to create a spiral. In the center of the spiral is a lit candle. The room is darkened (or it is nighttime if held outdoors) and each child takes a turn to walk the spiral holding an unlit candle. As the child reaches the center, she lights her candle from the center candle and then retraces her steps out of the spiral. The child brings forth the Light as she walks outward and chooses a place along the spiral to set her lit candle. As child after child has a turn and more and more lit candles grace the spiral, the room becomes increasingly filled with light. Nothing formal is explained to the children; it is a lived experience that takes place within them at a level beyond words.

I can't begin to explain how special these reminders are that we as a family are in the right place! Feeling very blessed!!!

New wooden winter treats

New winter trees inspired by the stunning pink blossom tree at school and of course a soft snowy tree............. in both online stores this week with the new whales & icebergs too!! Xx.