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Friday, April 26, 2013

Autumn markets 2013.

Local market day at Lorien Novalis Steiner school is always a great day, this was the Autumn markets and has some relaxing local music and drummer, and found some really sweet toys for the kids supporting women in shelters in India, the story behind them is creative work for ladies to earn money.............

Celeste thrives to give a piece of Celeste/Heaven to the makers and buyers of these hand made products.
Celeste is a producer and seller of handmade fair trade products.
Celeste has set up its first self-help group for women with the aim to develop skills and make villagers, especially women, financially and socially self-dependent. Besides making our own products in the remote Indian Himalayas we have partnered with other women organizations, low income artisan groups and tribal groups to bring exceptionally well finished beautiful hand made products for your home and you.
Our products are Hand woven, Hand embroidered, Hand printed, Hand stitched and we use Natural dyes, Natural fibres, Organic textiles
Besides beautiful hand crafted products we provide various hand spun Fabrics too-

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Indian inspiration!

Holi and Elephant Festival in Jaipur.

Wow, love love love the colours............. so inspired!!!

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Tis that very time of year
to say farewell to summer cheer
And welcome back our autumn days
A change of season here to stay
Amber shedding spaces Gray
Colors facing autumn day
Falling petals black and purple
Floating dancing against the myrtle
Cooling breeze upon my cheek
Stirring whirring soothing deep
Echo sounding through painted
Of tree tops glancing down on me
Brushing canvas with painted tip
Stroking, caressing, colours dip
Brown and green and faded red
Falling floating on natures bed
Sky's blue window starts to fade
Replacing light with opaque jade
Nightfall shrouds the broken sky
Of clouds that dance, up on high
Huddled round the sparking fire
Flaming shadows never tire
A silhouette dancing with glee
Scurrying fluttering trying to flee
An autumns day has reached the end
We celebrate in all it's glory
For every season tells a story
Paul King 2013

Sunday, April 7, 2013

NEW whale set!

I am so excited to show you the new goodies............ all inspired by a really amazing friend Sarah who has such a kind heart and true genuine mumma who has such gentle children who care about our world today and the sea shepherd! I thank you for being you and making a change so............... the whale wooden toy, whale print and icebergs/waves will be in my stores shortly!
Please check out this link to see and read more info on the Sea shepherd.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Bulb baby and fairy wings..............

Sylus and i have been going to playgroup at the school and love it!!! It's that special time to just be present with him and time alone so watching him play with other children........ really lovely families to share this journey with!! So just before the easter break he was given a little bulb wrapped up in wool and fabric to plant at home and watch it grow.

Scarlette received these wings made by a very clever mummy friend!! had to share these, this is one of the designs she has made and the others are just as stunning!!

THANK YOU Summer time..................

Just giving thanks to our lovely summer we had, a few hot days in there but............. since having these two monkeys, i really appreciate the wonderful out door weather we have, we like to spend lots of time out side!