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Friday, April 26, 2013

Autumn markets 2013.

Local market day at Lorien Novalis Steiner school is always a great day, this was the Autumn markets and has some relaxing local music and drummer, and found some really sweet toys for the kids supporting women in shelters in India, the story behind them is creative work for ladies to earn money.............

Celeste thrives to give a piece of Celeste/Heaven to the makers and buyers of these hand made products.
Celeste is a producer and seller of handmade fair trade products.
Celeste has set up its first self-help group for women with the aim to develop skills and make villagers, especially women, financially and socially self-dependent. Besides making our own products in the remote Indian Himalayas we have partnered with other women organizations, low income artisan groups and tribal groups to bring exceptionally well finished beautiful hand made products for your home and you.
Our products are Hand woven, Hand embroidered, Hand printed, Hand stitched and we use Natural dyes, Natural fibres, Organic textiles
Besides beautiful hand crafted products we provide various hand spun Fabrics too-