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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We love rainbows!!!

We have alot of colour in and out of our home, it's something my babies will be surrounded by, lots of colour!!! We recently added more rainbow flag to the toy equipment in the backyard so it's pretty fun to play out there!! Gorgeous hubby used recycled wood to make the climbing cubby house, clever man!!............
I know i make alot of rainbow peices for the Scarlette Rose Fairy shops but we enjoy bright things everywhere!!!

Love, peace & rainbow hugs! X.x

Funky cloth nappies!

We are loving the Aussie company called Baby Bee hinds that make really funky cloth nappies, it was something i looked into before we had Scarlette but found these wonderful to use with Sylus, easy to use & wash.
Reading how many disposable nappies get used and add to our waste, it was a comforting choice i wanted to make, it's the lil things we do that are adding up to make our world a more eco friendly place to live and to teach our children how to make a difference.

Here's the link..............


NEW colourful goodies coming soon!!!

It's been busy here with 2 lil ones, there isn't as much spare time to make new items and now it's that time of year with more rain, freezing weather to get my hands wet and not as much sunlight, but i have new cotton long sleeve & short sleeve tops, scarfs, new headbands, kids winter clothes.

Love & peace X.x

VEXTA's street art in Mays Lane Sydney

Over the easter long weekend break we had with rain almost every day, a trip to Newtown was just what i needed to refresh my cabin fever!!

MAY'S presents exhibition of street art by Melbourne based VEXTA

MAY'S is excited to present Melbourne artist VEXTA. VEXTA will introduce her magical winged figures to the lane. These half-human half-animal creatures explore the way we have confined ourselves in our concrete jungles and the effect this has on our psyches. VEXTA's obsession with cosmology, concepts of life, death and the future of mankind form the basis of her work.

VEXTA will be painting the massive 24 meter length of MAY'S Lane; the feature panel measuring 360x276cm plus 4 panels 235x160cm.

Artist Statement
'Sometimes we are so alienated from everything and everyone around us and yet sometimes I feel like the tiny atomic particles keeping our bodies together could fracture at any moment and it could all merge together…' - VEXTA

VEXTA'S work has been shown in exhibitions across Australia and internationally and she recently spent time creating site specific wall works in Paris, Berlin, London and Bogota.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Be happy for this moment; this moment is your life….”

Be happy for this moment; this moment is your life….”
My beautiful friend had this sticker to remind herself............... this quote stuck in my head and often it's a nice positive reminder when we get stuck in our daily busy lives to stop and reflect!!
I like to daydream when i'm washing up ......... my sweet hubby bought me some pretty flowers to gaze at! MWAH! X.x

Breastfeeding flash mob!! hooooray for boobies!!

My gorgeous friend Abby recently had some confronting issues about her breastfeeding in public. I've had alot of trouble breatfeeding and an currently feeding Sylus on a script formula due to allergies but 100% support women who breastfeed to have the freedom to feed their lil ones where ever, whenever!! I'm not full on hardcore about everything but felt right to be there and support her!!

So a breastfeeding bunch of lovely mumma's was organised to do a flash mob nurse in!!
You tube it!!!......... link isn't working but copy and paste might be ok??

Made it too the channel 7 & 10 news!


Keep Australia beautiful, get tattooed!!

Keep Australia beautiful get tattooed!!!

As i've become a mother, i've pushed my tattooing life to the side, i miss it so much!!
But i know that these precious moments in the days my babies are still babies are really speical and can never be replaced, so as much as i dream about all the designs and giant colour peices i want mark my wonderful clients with........ i will return in the not too distant future!! I was very excited to visit the Sydney tattoo expo this year and meet the really, really tall and stunning blonde bombshell pin up model Sabina Kelley, like a lil girl meeting Justin beiber, tehehehee.
I was able to see Lucky Lozza who i worked along side of at Yakuza Tattoo Studio, wow, her work in just unreal!!
We decided to take the kiddies, so it was so funny when we bumped into Mus-sashi. a japanese artist who i have been tattooed by twice, once at the Melbourne tattoo convention and the second one at Tweed Heads tattoo convention, the language barrier between us is hilarious and makes for a fun and cute sign language convo and they just love kids and wanted to squeeze their chubby cheeks!!!
Anywhoooo, the moral of the story is, i felt inspired, re-lit the candle burning inside to keep creative, keep drawing!!!!

SISTER LOVE!!! Lachesis!

Sister love, Lachesis!!

I miss my big sister Katie so much!!!
One afternoon while at home with the kids, not much happening, i got a txt from her saying i'm ok, but i've been in a car accident (living in a small town where our father was born and raised).
Ofcourse i think the worse and ring her hubby to see how she is, and as an emotional mother i have become, i cried.
Cried from the relief of knowing she is ok considering the car is a ride off, and her kids car seats were on the road, ggeezz, what a mixed wave of emotions running through my mind, being so grateful her 3 boys that they weren't in the car and ......... so instead of dwelling on the negative i wanted my sister to know how much a love her and how grateful i am for her being here and alive, a lil bruised and battered but alive!!!!
So very proud of how she dealt with it all. I now have a new tattoo with a big K for her!!.............And loved our thema & louise train trip just hanging out! heheheee!!
I love you so much!!! X.x