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Friday, April 8, 2011

SISTER LOVE!!! Lachesis!

Sister love, Lachesis!!

I miss my big sister Katie so much!!!
One afternoon while at home with the kids, not much happening, i got a txt from her saying i'm ok, but i've been in a car accident (living in a small town where our father was born and raised).
Ofcourse i think the worse and ring her hubby to see how she is, and as an emotional mother i have become, i cried.
Cried from the relief of knowing she is ok considering the car is a ride off, and her kids car seats were on the road, ggeezz, what a mixed wave of emotions running through my mind, being so grateful her 3 boys that they weren't in the car and ......... so instead of dwelling on the negative i wanted my sister to know how much a love her and how grateful i am for her being here and alive, a lil bruised and battered but alive!!!!
So very proud of how she dealt with it all. I now have a new tattoo with a big K for her!!.............And loved our thema & louise train trip just hanging out! heheheee!!
I love you so much!!! X.x