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Friday, April 8, 2011

Keep Australia beautiful, get tattooed!!

Keep Australia beautiful get tattooed!!!

As i've become a mother, i've pushed my tattooing life to the side, i miss it so much!!
But i know that these precious moments in the days my babies are still babies are really speical and can never be replaced, so as much as i dream about all the designs and giant colour peices i want mark my wonderful clients with........ i will return in the not too distant future!! I was very excited to visit the Sydney tattoo expo this year and meet the really, really tall and stunning blonde bombshell pin up model Sabina Kelley, like a lil girl meeting Justin beiber, tehehehee.
I was able to see Lucky Lozza who i worked along side of at Yakuza Tattoo Studio, wow, her work in just unreal!!
We decided to take the kiddies, so it was so funny when we bumped into Mus-sashi. a japanese artist who i have been tattooed by twice, once at the Melbourne tattoo convention and the second one at Tweed Heads tattoo convention, the language barrier between us is hilarious and makes for a fun and cute sign language convo and they just love kids and wanted to squeeze their chubby cheeks!!!
Anywhoooo, the moral of the story is, i felt inspired, re-lit the candle burning inside to keep creative, keep drawing!!!!