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Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Tis that very time of year
to say farewell to summer cheer
And welcome back our autumn days
A change of season here to stay
Amber shedding spaces Gray
Colors facing autumn day
Falling petals black and purple
Floating dancing against the myrtle
Cooling breeze upon my cheek
Stirring whirring soothing deep
Echo sounding through painted
Of tree tops glancing down on me
Brushing canvas with painted tip
Stroking, caressing, colours dip
Brown and green and faded red
Falling floating on natures bed
Sky's blue window starts to fade
Replacing light with opaque jade
Nightfall shrouds the broken sky
Of clouds that dance, up on high
Huddled round the sparking fire
Flaming shadows never tire
A silhouette dancing with glee
Scurrying fluttering trying to flee
An autumns day has reached the end
We celebrate in all it's glory
For every season tells a story
Paul King 2013