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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

We'll be back Berry!

We were lucky to have a lil weekend get away to our friends beautiful beach house with the kids and was so loving the town of Berry down the south coast, fell in love with a kids toys shop and had to buy one of these balls for Sylus, you know how much i love handmade!! and............. did a copy and paste on where this ball comes from.

Barefoot artisans are dedicated weavers and needlewomen who, without time and constraints of mass production, are able to produce premium quality workmanship in a truly sustainable way. Barefoot opposes exploitive practices. Each artisan earns a living wage enabling them to support their families with self-respect and dignity. The products are in demand for their utility and appearance. Creative designers are encouraged to be innovative and stretch their creative intelligence.

Soft Toys Barbara Sansoni’s handmade toys are lovingly created to the highest quality workmanship. They are visually stimulating for children because of their bright colours and tactile because of their creative use of fabric textures. The toys are made from 100 per cent cotton filled with kapok.