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Monday, May 2, 2011

Let's never let go of our friendship - Betsy Gurganus.

This is for 2 really amazing women i constantly think about and always have in my heart but as busy ladies, wish i could see more of but want you to both know how much i adore you Fee & Storm Fish. MWAH! Love you both to the moon & back!! X.x

I don't ever want us to let go

of each other.

Maybe our paths will go

in separate directions,

but that won't change the bond

we share and what's in our hearts.

No matter where I am

or what I am doing,

when you come to mind

a smile comes to my face

and a warmth settles in my heart.

Tha day you and I met

will always be cherished.

we've grown together,

done a lot together,

and no matter what,

we will let each other know

that we do like and care

about each other.

You are more than

just a friend to me.

I often struggle to say how I feel,

but I hope we never let go

of what we share,

because whether it's across the miles

or just a short distance,

you are and will always be

a part of my life and me