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Friday, May 15, 2009

New lush and B goodies to enjoy!

My new delicious B and lush products from my sister who surprised with some of the yummiest goodies on her trip from the UK.
This is my new little stash, hidden in a safe spot from lil fingers(aka Scarlette Rose).
The smell, the feeling you get from using these amazing products, it's the best! Love it all!!


  1. Lucky you!

    Are you able to make them at home after having learnt how to make them when working with LUSH?

    I'm so happy we now have LUSH here in Hobart. I've been buying something new to try each week or so :o)

  2. Ta pippi!!

    awwhhh, i know, i am very spoilt! that's awesome they finally have a lush in Hobart! it's so addictive!

    My sis makes all the goodies at the factory, think it's too hard to do at home and might be a bit sneaky, but would be nice to have my own lush factory on tap!!



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