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Monday, May 25, 2009

Autumn going into Winter.

Just updating things, we had a nice lil family day out yesterday, popped into the Kamaroi Steiner school fair and bought a gorgeous new toy from the very inspiring wool dancer.
http://www.wooldancer.etsy.com/ from the beautiful Blue Mountains! Can't wait to use and spin some wool!...............
selling her devine bright creations that i'll be dressing Scarlette in!! Love it all!!

It's a nice time to be indoors being crafty, drinking lots of cuppa's and hanging out with Scarlette, she found my stash of jewelery, and loves it, so it's nice to watch her enjoy it and make noises and dance.
Love & peace.
Ema Lou X.x.


  1. Oh Ema Lou your Scarlette is just adorable, she looks so cute with yur jewels :)

  2. awwwhh, thanks Carmel, she sure is a girl who loves jewellery! X.x.

  3. Hi thanks for visiting my site. I' will look forward to seeing you at winter magic!


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