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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Mothers Day 2013

Mothers Day was a really lovely treat this year, sometimes it can be a little busy having to visit family and see both our Mums but we decided to have our own little family together for the weekend!........ the Saturday lunch time we went to the lorien novalis markets and then we took a trip into Marrickville to see the cafe racer bikes at Vic on the park and see some fun rockabilly bands during the day, play in the park with mates.

Saturday night was a very special mothers day eve yoga and meditation session which was really needed to switch off and relax!

........................and Sunday morning sleep in with a cuppa in bed, and some gorgeous hand made gifts from the kids, now i understanding the joy gifts being hand made for me with love, all those years we gave our mum the most random things and now it's my turn, i love them all.

Scarlette made such a sweet wooden beaded necklace with a felt heart and a card where she signed her name with lovely curly spirals.......... watching her creative self come alive! and 2 cute little flower pot photo frames of the kids, so adorable that i've popped them up on the shelf in my workspace/office!

Hubby Stu even surprised me with a fun art tattoo book, that was a very well loved surprise, THANK YOU my beautiful family, you made this year really special!! oohhh, and a late lunch trip to our favorite local cafe The Baron, followed in the eve by a dinner with big Grandma and a catch up with little Grandma 2 weeks later! super happy Mumma!!! X.x