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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Please stop growing so fast!!!

Wow, this year is only the begining and already going way to fast!!

Scarlette Rose has been at her new pre school at the local steiner school for a few weeks now and LOVING it, so are we, what a welcoming friendly community and school, everyone smiles and says hello and there are so many adorable colourful children running around so happy, it's such an amazing feeling when life feels right and things are flowing in such a positive healthy direction! and to celabrate her birthday they gave her a felt star, gold crown and a cake, as a mum knowing how loved and nurtured these children are is such blessing!


My baby boy Sylus Wolfe is walking, no balancing on things, just standing straight up in the middle of the room and off he goes, he was so keen to run after his sister, cousin and lil mates at family daycare, there's no stopping him now, such a happy lil man he can get around now!!

Slow down kids, mum wants you to stay little a bit longer, heheee!

I love you both to the moon and back and you know it!!!