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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our tiny little handprints and footprints.

I've put these frames up in my kitchen for all to see and we look at the every day, i also have my childrens footprint and handprint tattooed on my arm to always remind me of them at that age and how quickly they grow! We are so blessed to have such a sweet mumma who is also our neighbour that runs a cute family daycare where Sylus & Scar get lots of love,cuddles & giggles while i cut up my wooden toys and dye lots of fabric, for our christmas gift she popped in a little verse and their artwork they did with her that is so special that i wanted to share it here...........

Sometimes you get discouraged because i am so small

and always leaving fingerprints on furniture and walls

But everyday i'm growing I'll be grown some day

and all those tiny handprints will surely fade away

So here's a little handprint just so you can recall

exactly how my fingers looked when i was very small.