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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Colourful tram shed!

Awesome day out, found some peices by some artist's i like, phibs........
Below info is taken from the Harold Park website.............

Built in 1904 and once the second biggest depot in Sydney, the tram sheds housed up to 200 trams, servicing Glebe Point, Leichhardt and Balmain until 1958.
Ownership of the tram sheds was transferred to the NSW Harness Racing Club in 2002.
The tram sheds are heritage listed under the Leichhardt LEP, 2000.
The Club has made a number of attempts to restore and refurbish the tram sheds over the past few years as a multipurpose site but each attempt has been rejected by either Leichhardt or Sydney City Council.
Cost estimates for restoring and refurbishing the tram sheds range between $20-35 million.
There are 5 remaining trams inside the sheds. These have been offered to various organisations but to date no one has accepted responsibility for their removal.
Current zoning prevents use of the tram sheds for anything other than recreational activities.