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Monday, March 15, 2010

This years Autumn and Winter veggie garden.

We have started another veggie garden, this year i love that Scarlette can help me and she can be apart of planting, watering and then picking her veggies! I'll keep you post with piicies on the growth of the garden!................... before the green slugs get to them!
Love & peace X.x.


  1. Oh, this is so inspiring! I'd so love a vegie garden of my own. Can't seem to find the motivation up in Darwin, though! The 2 yrs we lived in Toowoomba, I grew some stuff. Would LOVE to get all our fruit & veg from my own garden though. One day....

    You've also inspired me to update my blog. I'm SO BAD AT IT :)

  2. The veggie garden is great, bit of work! but so worth it!!!
    We found the wood on Ebay so we made it on a budget!

    Good luck with yours!!!

    Love & peace X..x


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