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Monday, August 31, 2009

Random stuff that makes me smile!

I bought this very very cute lil doll called mimi, that comes in a kit from The Red Thread, she fits in nicely with my collection of kimmidolls, i bought her for lil Scarlette but i love japanese dolls, fabric, art and tattoos so i couldn't resist her!
Scarlette and her cheeky smile with fruit in her mouth!

And.............. my fav flower from my hubby, he bought me these for national ranga day!! hehehe
(aka red heads!) and they have all just opened up and smell so yummi!


  1. Very cute doll!

    Oh I love those flowers too. They are special to me too as that was the first kind of flower the Colin gave me. :)

    Missed seeing you yesterday. I'm sure I'll see you in the near future!

  2. thanks guys!

    Dolly is well loved and the flowers are special! nice memories for you sara! X.x.


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