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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The wild adventures of Scarlette Rose!

Our poor lil Scarlette Rose has had a rough couple of weeks, her first accident she fell off her little chair and hit her head on the corner and made a good dent in her head, and doctors had to glue it!! eeeww, lots of blood!
And............Scary weekend in Childrens Hospital with croup, she has been so brave through all of it and so we are having lots of cuddles and got a couple of special dollies to play with! X.x.

We love the happy Scarlette, sad Scar is so yucky!

Wow, so much going on already, lots of stories by the time she hit's 21 im sure! X.x.


  1. I hope she's made a full recovery, sometimes it seems like one thing after another for out little ones!

  2. Thanks for your comment Kelly! yeahh, felt like a crazy couple of weeks, i can understand why you sometimes want to wrap them up in cotton wool!! haha!!


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