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Sunday, April 5, 2009


MINX ART is a website which pays homage to creative women. It's a home to share with like minded people for anyone who appreciates, is inspired by or wants to be educated in alternative female art.The team at MINX ART serve up artist feature interviews with people who dabble in anything from street art, tattoo, jewellery making, photography to stone masonry, textiles and knitting. The annual online e-magazine MINX offers a forum for creative women at the forefront of their industry to showcase their works and to inspire with an insight into a variety of mediums.
The Gallery is a treasure trove of beautiful works, brilliant ideas and quirky concepts. This is the best way to get a fix of culture, with an online tour of the latest in alternative art.
The Forum is an open can of worms. It's a table to air ideas, ask questions, offer support, boast, promote, snoop. If you want an opinion (or a dozen) you'll find it here.The MINX ART team endeavour to be the link which brings creative people together with the aim of reaching a wider audience to strengthen their artistic practice.Join the mailing list for updates on new events and opportunities as well as a little inspiration.

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