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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Our Wedding, medieval fancy dress, what a magickal day we had!!!

This was over 2 years ago, we had a handfasting in the garden, photo's at an old church at St Albans, just a bit on from Wisemans Ferry NSW.

Every guest dressed up from a bum in a potato sack to my Dad being the King, we had jesters juggling, tribal belly dancers and a band called Waiting for Guiness. All the best men recieved swords from us and the girls had pretty flower garlands and rose petals in their baskets!!

Such an amazing day and still love talking about it, the pub where we had the reception was built in the 1800's and talk of a ghost being there!! it fit the theme perfectly with old trees and a candle lit dinner with the old dogs at the pub sitting at your feet.

A medieval feast of food!! and lots of merry drinking and laughing!

ohh, and a castle cake that cannot be described!! the day was MAGIC!!!!


  1. happy anniversary!! what a special day...love creative weddings!!

  2. What a great looking day. Would love to see more photos.

  3. ohhhhh, thanks Anastasia & Beadsme!! one day to be grown up and our poor parents had us dressed up medieval!! haha!! they wouldn't expect anything else from their "different" kids!! heheee!!

    Even the grandparents dressed up! it broke the ice between families and created a good laugh for the whole night!!! X.x.

  4. Looks wonderful!
    We dressed quite similar actually. Our wedding was in Germany but unfortunately not in a castle!
    I'll have to show you our pics sometime.


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