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Friday, September 5, 2008

New dyed headbands.


Thanks to the beautiful Leanne from Rainbowrevolution.etsy.com i am creating new headbands, i have listed 3 colours but when the weather warms up in Sydney, i'll get dying and have more colours that match wonderfully to the dyed slips, i have dreadlocks so they keep all the lil fluffy fly away bits under control on those bad hair days!!! but they aren't just for dreadies!!! Hope you like them and are more than welcome to order any colour to suit your style!!! X.x.

I have currently sold out of the headbands but keep checking back regularly for new stock, otherwise if you want to leave a message if your interested and can contact you when they are on Etsy again.


  1. Hi,

    Congratulations! You are a new mother. I really must say that you are such a very beautiful and very caring mother.


  2. I bought one of those headbands a few years ago and I love it! I might be dropping by to get a different colour soon :)

  3. Hi! I just bought a blue/green handband from you on Etsy. Can't wait to wrap up my baby dreadies and flyaways... Autumn's cool weather's right around the corner up here in the north! :)

  4. Hi Em!
    Just found your blog through the DUST site!
    Thanks for the mention : )
    I got so many wonderful comments about my lovely slip dress that you made me! I just love it!!!!
    Your headbands look fantastic...you have a great eye for colour my friend.


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