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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Welcome Spring!!!

I Just wanted to write my first blog.................. how exciting!! it's spring in Australia and you can now smell the flowers and my fav jasmine!!
I am new to Etsy, so i hope you like what i have listed so far.
Hopefully once i get my head around this and make some time with a teething little one, ill add some pics. X.x.


  1. Hey! I'm fairly new to blog world myself :) This is a good first entry, I think. I just ordered a slip skirt from you too, which I am soooo excited to get! Hope you're having a great week :)

  2. Heya Shells,

    wow, yes you did!!! THank you so much for purchasing from my Etsy store!!! I'm stoked to have beautiful customers who feel great in all the colours!! Let me know what you think and would love any pics of you wearing them!!

    How did you find Etsy? It's so awesome!!!
    Have a great weekend! I hope it's Sunny up in Brizzy, it's cold n rainy in Sydney!

    Take Care,
    Ema Lou X.x.


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